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Hermann is a company involved in the development and production of a wide range of medical diagnostic devices. We are your one-stop supplier for high-quality medical devices that can be used at the comfort of your home to closely monitor the health of your family members. We believe in developing a more informed and healthy way of living to deal with arising health problems at their onset.

Whether you want to keep your temperature and pressure on the check or monitor your heartbeats closely, we have the medical equipment you need to achieve this. At Hermann, we create medical devices that help you take care of your health and the wellbeing of your family at large. Some of our core products include blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, portable nebulizer, and oximeters.


Our mission? To build a healthy community by consistently providing high-quality medical equipment that can be used at home without the supervision of health specialists.

We aim to put a smile on your face and give members of your family a reason to be happy. We endeavor to add new devices to our list of products so that you have a complete set of medical equipment to monitor every aspect of your health.

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